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In the area of RFIDs, I found several papers employing NTRU.

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Key Exchange

  • FSXY12
  • FSXY13
  • Pei14 Lattice Cryptography for the Internet. PQCrypto 2014: 197-219, ePrint 2014/070
  • Joppe W. Bos, Craig Costello, Michael Naehrig, Douglas Stebila: Post-Quantum Key Exchange for the TLS Protocol from the Ring Learning with Errors Problem. IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy 2015: 553-570, ePrint 2014/599
    • See
  • Jiang Zhang, Zhenfeng Zhang, Jintai Ding, Michael Snook, Özgür Dagdelen: Authenticated Key Exchange from Ideal Lattices. EUROCRYPT (2) 2015: 719-751, ePrint 2014/589
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